Improve your oral health in 2 minutes.

Acteh electric toothbrushes are highly effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis. Gentle bristles vibrate back and forth,  tens of thousands of times per minute, pausing every 30-seconds to alert you to move to a different area of your mouth. Easily replaceable brush heads made with medium-softft bristles. (A quarterly subscription plan available with a 15% discount for replacement brush heads.) Toothbrush battery life will last for up to 8 weeks of daily use between chargers (no need to replace the batteries). When you’re ready to recharge it, simply place the toothbrush on the charging station. Acteh toothbrush is charged via inductive charging technology, which works a lot like a Wireless charging on newer cell phones. Between charges leave the Acteh toothbrush on your counter or in your medicine cabinet. Take it with you when traveling.

After brushing with the Acteh toothbrush for a few days, you may find it hard to go back to brushing with anything else.