Foods That Can Help Strengthen Your Teeth

But which foods are the best to chew?
Milk, Cheese and Yogurt: These dairy foods can help strengthen your teeth because they contain calcium and phosphates that help build tooth enamel. And when your teeth are strong they’re better protected from other foods that might not be so healthy (e.g. sticky toffees and sugary sports drinks.)
Cranberries: Eat them straight out of the bag or add them to a healthy fruit salad or blended in a fruit smoothie. These little red berries offer high levels of vitamin C that can protect against gingivitis, the early stages of gum disease, and prevent your teeth from loosening.
Multigrain Bread: The next time you decide to make a sandwich or have a piece of toast, make sure to skip the white bread and reach for the multigrain bread. It’s a great source of magnesium, which helps strengthen your jaw and teeth.
Spinach: It’s leafy, it’s green, it’s high in calcium and nutrients like folic acid that can reduce gum inflammation and gum bleeding. It can also help teeth become more resilient to dental plaque.
Salmon: In addition to being delicious, this fleshy pink fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are chock full of vitamin D and calcium--two nutrients that may help prevent tooth loss.
Cavity-causing sugary foods, like sodas, candy, and ice cream didn’t make the cut :)
Information provided by Dr. Nina Arora