Sonic Edge Electric Toothbrush

$34 $60
Color: Black
This ultrasonic toothbrush is highly effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis under 2 minutes. Auto-timer, 30-second pulses and 31,000 sonic motions per min and 3 brushing modes. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

In This Set: Toothbrush Handle, 4 Brush Heads, Charging Station. Lifetime Customer Support & 24 Months Warranty


Medium-Soft bristle brush head
Medium-soft, end-rounded, DuPont nylon bristles.
Timed sonic vibrating motor
Vibrates bristles at strong 31,000 motions per minute for effective yet delicate cleaning action. The timer pulses every 30 seconds as a reminding to change the brushing area, and automatically stops at 2 minutes. Rechargeable toothbrush lasts 6 weeks between recharging. 3 Brushing modes: Clean, White, Massage.
Waterproof toothbrush handle
Safe to use in the shower.
  • Electric Toothbrush Handle
  • Charing Base
  • 4 x Toothbrush Heads
  • Lifetime Customer Support & 24 Months Warranty*